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Ciara 3 years ago
Cocks shoot cum.
If you don’t want cum in your mouth,don’t suck cock.
JIO 3 years ago
WTF, do you even know what cum in throat means? The first three girls didn't get throat fucks so how could they get cum in the throat? This deserves a thumbs down and I'll give it one. With people like the other commenters not saying anything porn will only get worse. Who is the lady at 2:10?
Plz Help My Addiction 3 years ago
8:47 What video and Porn-star is that??
0-O 3 years ago
the bitch at 0:18 is gonna give me nightmares..

she lookin like a demon O-0
0:22 lol 3 years ago
I wouldn’t be able to nut with her staring at me like that
2 years ago
03:15 name please?
AJ jerkof 2 years ago
Is it just me or this is like 144p video?
Rob 3 years ago
Just more garbage porn.
Looking for answer. 3 years ago
Min 8:30, who is that???
from hotel California 3 years ago
@15:38 WOW!!!